Even the tea isn’t getting me out of bed anymore. I’d rather just sleep as much as possible.

I’ve been trying to teach my barundian friends how to say “Thief” b/c they keep saying either “teeth” or “Thieth”. It’s really funny.

Ernest is a boy on the boys’ softball team but since the girls and the guys practice together we all get to know each other. I asked him if he would serenade the team one day after practice but he refused b/c he didn’t want to be called gay. I said, “I thought that people already thought that?” so to prove to me that he’s not gay he said that he’s going to come to my window and serenade me. After that I’m to tie blankets together and throw them down to him and he’ll climb up to me. haha I like this kid. He’s a nut.

We’ve entered the rainy season and it’s started getting chilly. My shoes are really worn through in the heel so the water soaks up through the bottom of my shoe and my feet get wet and cold. I need to get new shoes. I did laundry like 3 days ago but my clothes can’t get dry b/c it keeps raining.

Why is it called “goody-two-shoes”?

As children I remember when my friend Morgan and I had a dream to come to Africa and start an orphanage. We drew out the outline of the orphanage that we wanted to build. We started thinking about hiring architectures and teachers. What if our dream really came true? What if we stayed in Africa and found children who were orphaned b/c of HIV/AIDS and started an orphanage? Could it be? Now, you see, back then as children, we were obsessed with the movie Orphan Annie and Madeline. But still, could something be true about our vision? What if?


2 thoughts on “T-H-I-E-F

    • Maybe if Morgan comes there for a term next year that vision could begin to take shape. God has great plans for both of you! We can’t wait to see what they are. : )

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