The things I do to keep myself entertained… *sad shake of the head*

I was chasing a lizard down the hallway in the hostile today. It turned a corner and as I tried to take the turn at full speed, my flip-flops (which are SO slippery) slid out from underneath me and I slammed into the cement. I was more upset that the lizard got away than I was that I scraped up my foot, knee, and elbow.

Several people have told me that I have a lullaby voice. I should just make a living off of singing people to sleep!

I was able to play with this one little boy named Jeffe. He was so cute! I wish you could hear his whole speech that he gives when someone asks him what his name is. It’s so long! He followed me around the rest of the day. As we walked around people would laugh and say, “Raye, I didn’t know you had a kid!” *Actually, there was one person who asked me if this was _a boy I liked/a boy that liked me_ jr.* Jeffe didn’t want to leave my side, where ever I went he went (which was frustrating at times, especially when I had to use the loo) and when his mom came to take him home he screamed and cried.

I went into Rongai and was wandering around the store getting a few things for the weekend when this little boy ran up to me and touched my leg. He scurried a couple of feet away from me and turned back and looked at me. I laughed and waved at him and he just moved off slowly, like I was going to attack him when he turned his back.Image


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