A Nation in Fear

It’s deserted here. Most of the students that live around this area have gone home for the weekend and the only people that are left are mainly international students.
Voting starts on Monday and it has a lot of people in a panic. Some Kenyans have even gone as far as to move out of the country until elections are over. For the past several weeks the school has been showing video’s from last times election. It was horrific. I don’t understand how someone could hate that much that they would do such horrible things. They would stop Matatu’s and reach through the windows and start hacking away with their Machetes at anyone who was from a different tribe. Last time there was rigging of votes for a certain candidate and the people from the other tribe were furious. People where chased down and beaten with anything they could find: rocks, bricks, brooms, anything. They would cut off peoples heads or just slash their throats. Women and children weren’t spared. Friend turned against friend, brother against brother. No one was safe.
As this election is just around the corner people are on edge, any tiny hint of trouble and hundreds of people will go flocking to the Ugandan or Nigerian border.
As for me, I’m stuck on campus. Warned not to leave the campus grounds. The school does have a plan for the people that are left here, just in case something does break out and we’re not safe on campus anymore. Classes wont start back up until Wednesday, so there is a good long break for me but I have absolutely nothing to do but work on homework. Although I did go to the store the other day and got some ingredients so that I could make cookies over the weekend. That’ll keep me busy for half of a day….


3 thoughts on “A Nation in Fear

  1. We will be praying for you and ask the church to pray for all of you as well. Love you Rachel. Our trust is in God and even though there is unrest there He knows where you are and what you need.
    Do you remember me trying to tell you about this before you left?

  2. Hey Rach do you ever get a chance to get out and visit the surrounding areas? Clearly not now..!!! Have you been to Kitengala Glass…I believe that is what it is called??? Just curious…they make elephant glass that are a glass cup that look like elephants…beautiful!!!!!

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