Beautiful, wonderful, delicious cheeseburger!!

We went to Les Miserable with the Reeds. It was as good (if not more powerful) the second time around.  The theater was a lot like the ones back home but maybe a little bit smaller.
After the movie we came out and found a bunch of students rioting in the road and lighting rubber on fire. Apparently a student was hit and killed by a car the other day and now the fellow students were rioting to have a speed bump put in. I wanted to go see what was going on but I got yelled at by Sarah.

I made friends with the little kids at the Reeds’ church. Two little girls that I absolutely adored loved to play with my hair. They kept calling me “pussy cat”. They didn’t speak any English and I spoke little Swahili so we were at odds most of the time just motioning to each other.

They’re building several sky rises here by buying up land and tearing down whatever was there so they can build apartments and make more money. Sarah says that sometimes it’s even because the money that countries send in to help the starving in Africa get into the wrong hands and to cover up how they made so much money they put in a sky rise. The environment is very much “survival of the fittest” here.

I practiced with the boys finally. I was so nervous but when I got there they were fine with letting me play, and I was actually kind of better than some of the boys on the team.

I made no bake cookies for my friends and they all really like them. Two of my friends begged me to stay forever and make the cookies for them.

I think I’m starting to get a taste of Culture shock. I’m getting so frustrated with everything. I just want to be home where I can use my own phone, go places that I want to go, eat food that I want, talk to people that understand what I’m saying… I just want to be back where everything is familiar. The African’s have a bad habit of cutting in line. EVERYONE does it so no matter how long you’ve waited in line people that come later than you will cut right up to the front. I just want to go up to people and point at them and say, “I don’t like you. And I don’t like you. And I don’t like you.” I want warm showers and rooms that aren’t swarming with ants and mosquitoes. I haven’t cried yet or holed myself up in my room, but I’m getting very frustrated. I just want to go home.
Or maybe I was just having a bad day.
Elvis took me into Nairobi to help me get some cash. It was just a really hard day for me and I was getting really frustrated. I was supposed to go to class with that professor I don’t like so halfway through class I ditched. I called up Elvis and we headed into town. I couldn’t figure out how to work the ATM and I was getting so upset. A guard had to help me and when it finally worked I danced around and gave Elvis a big hug! Then we went to Galaria and I got myself a Cheeseburger, coke, and a piece of chocolate fudge cake. Pizza Inn was having a special where if you bought one large pizza for 1,000= you could get a second one free. Normally large pizzas are 900= so it was a pretty good deal.  So I got that and took it home to my friends. It ended up being a pretty good night until I got really sick to my stomach. It was probably the huge Chocolate fudge cake and the 4 cokes I had…. But I was happy!

This week is cultural week so we’re supposed to be “getting into the spirit” but it wasn’t highly promoted until the beginning of the week so no one has a clue as what’s going on. It looks like it would be a fun week but no one was prepared for it so it’s kind of a flop. Out at where our “snack shop” is (we call it the Canteen) we have DJ’s come and play music and people go out into the street and dance. It’s quite fun to watch.

For some reason, which I’m very confused about, African’s mix up their ‘R’s and ‘L’s. Several people call me Laye sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful, wonderful, delicious cheeseburger!!

  1. I only yelled, cuz I love you!!!
    NOW you’re beginning to understand about culture shock! Sorry. Just love the people anyway & don’t be too hard on yourself!

    • Oh Laye, (wait that sounds Spanish) it’s nice to know you’re human. I was afraid we’d lost you to Africa. So, did you join in any of the dancing? I want to see you bustin’ some African moves went you get home. 🙂

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