Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

We didn’t have any water one day. None at all. We couldn’t shower, drink, wash our hands, or flush the toilets. No one knew how long it’s going to be until it came back. Eventually it did come back, kind of. I got in the shower when it first came back and I was halfway through my shower when the water shut off again.

I taught Elvis a new word in English. Goof. He really likes that word. He keeps using it for everything.

I’ve decided that Professor Gift reminds me of Dr. Michelson. They’re both awkward, very knowledgeable, and they have HORRIBLE hand writing. Oh my gosh. It hurts your head when you try to read what they’ve written.

I wore a dress one day after my friends straightened my hair. I got a lot of compliments. That night I was walking with Orly, Frankie, and Elvis, and I gave Orly a flower for “Valentine’s day” and he laughed and said, “Ooooh, thanks.” (Orly has a hard time understanding English but he’s a sweety.) Anyway, he then put the flower in my hair and when someone commented on where I got my flower I told them, “It was from my Valentine!” They asked who it was and I pointed at Orly and that’s when I think he realized what just happened because his eyes got wide and he said, “Nonononoonononono!”

There is so much drama going on here! It’s crazy! It’s coming from any and all directions. I’ve never had to deal with this much drama before. I thought Americans were bad at creating drama but this place is crawling with drama!
Today is Valentine’s Day. I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day, and this Valentine’s Day ended up being one of the worst because of the drama that’s been going on.

I’m allowed to go practice football with the boys’ team but I’m really nervous because they’re super good and I haven’t played in a couple of years. I REALLY want to practice with them but I don’t want to make a fool out of myself in front of them.

Several people have told me that Kenyans are not friendly people so whenever they ask me why I like it here and I tell them that the people are friendly they scoff at me. They tell me that the Tanzanians think that the Kenyans are rude, snotty, and stuck up. A lot of Kenyans agree with that. I really haven’t seen that. Maybe more out the marketplace when I tried to smile at people they just looked at me, but here on campus people are really friendly.

It really hit me that in two months I’m going to be heading back to America. I don’t want to leave but at the same time I’m ready to go back to something that I’m familiar with.

I have really seen myself grow while I’ve been here. Every time I look in the mirror I see someone new. I was so worried that I was going to get here and I just crash and burn. I was expecting to have a melt down and come home defeated, but here I am today. I love where I am, I love the people that I’ve met, and I’m not ready to leave all of them yet.


One thought on “Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

  1. It will be an experience that you will always have with you. Just think of all the stories you will have to tell your children and grandchildren some day. We’re glad God made it all possible for you!

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