Ninja style

Elvis, Hezi, and Phil are helping me learn Swahili. Elvis will try to have conversations with me in full Swahili, which I appreciate because then I can get a sense in how certain words are used in a sentence. Sometimes I guess at what he’s saying and I can get close. One time I hit it right on the dot and I was so excited! I’ve been learning a good amount and a lot of people are proud of me whenever I can say something to them in Swahili.

I went to football practice and I was SOOO excited! I got to the field (which was actually an empty dirt parking lot) and found the only other person there was the Captain of the team. We don’t have a coach, and we don’t have many games, and we definitely don’t have many girls. A few signed up for football but they rarely show. Oh, and we don’t have a ball to practice with.

I’ve been going to Softball practice since there really haven’t been any football practices. Why are girls so wimpy? They can’t catch and they can’t run. They squeal and cower from the ball whenever it comes to them. The coach gets so angry at the girls sometimes.
It was my first time to practice on the field and when I was running around the bases I couldn’t find the second base. I guess it’s a good thing that the boy didn’t catch the ball right away because I ran around in circles for a couple of minutes yelling, “I don’t know where the second base is at!”

I don’t like the lecturer, Prof Kamau, for Pastoral counseling. I liked his assistant better, Kenneth. Kamau has something against Psychologist. The whole class time he was smashing them, saying that if you’re a psychologist you can’t be a Christian and if you are a Christian you can’t be a psychologist. He said that Psychology was on sinking sands and was only for the previous generation. He read us an article on the internet on how psychology and the church don’t get along because psychologists believe that humans are greater than God because we made up God in our minds. EXCUSE ME? I almost blew up at him in class. “EXCUSE ME? Have you even taken a psychology class or do you base all of your finding on the internet? So you’re saying, because I’m going to become a psychologist, I’m not a Christian?” I wanted to get up and leave the class. I do not like him at all.
I talked to one of the other professors here, Dr. Stanton, about that class but I didn’t tell him who the lecturer was or what class it was. He was quite upset as well. He told me that it was a good thing that I didn’t call the lecturer out because I would have been punished. In this culture it’s not polite to correct a teacher, that and people here just don’t like confrontation. If you have an issue with someone you tell one of your friends who then relays your problems that you have to the person that you have an issue with and they get the issue resolved.

Frankie really wants to move to Texas. I’m not sure why he wants to go to Texas so bad but he does. He knows a lot about American politics and he laughs at me because I don’t have a clue as to what he’s talking about even though I LIVE in America! We decided we should switch places. Now he calls me African Girl (I should figure out what the Swahili word for “Ray of Sunshine” is and go by that) and I call him George Frankie Bush (He wanted that name).
I really blew Frankie’s mind the other day. I snuck onto Frankie’s phone one day and put my number in his phone. I put it under the title “Your favorite person: Raye Bontrager”. So when he asked for my number the other day I told him to go into contacts and find “Your favorite person”. When he did his eyes got huge and he was like, “When did you do this???” I refused to tell him and he said, “This is the most surprised I think I’ll ever get!”
Frankie was also very bewildered at how much I look like my Grandma Fox. We were laughing and joking around and then suddenly he slams his hands down on the table and gets really serious. “Did you know that you are the spitting image of your Grandma???”
Frankie cracks me up. Oh. Sorry. George Frankie Bush cracks me up.

I joined the Choir. It’s pretty fun. We had our first performance the other day. It didn’t go too well. :/ I feel bad for our director. I hope we didn’t embarrass him to bad.Image


One thought on “Ninja style

  1. Hi Rachel. Really enjoy reading your posts, I can almost hear you speaking! I cannot believe how much you look like your Grandma, you could be twins! Hope you are enjoying your time there and gleening everything you can from the culture so you can bring it back and share it with us back home. I pray for you often that God would keep you close and even more importantly YOU would keep HIM close. Keep seeking His will and He will guide you every step of the way. He has exciting things in store for you I’m sure.

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