Here’s the thing…

My Grandma Fox (my mom’s mom) passed away Monday morning. It really wasn’t a surprise; she was in and out of the hospital for pneumonia several times. My mom was telling me last year that when Grandma did finally pass away it wouldn’t be as hard because my grandma hadn’t been here mentally for years now. You are sad when death takes someone away from you because you won’t get to experience their personality anymore, but because my grandma receded into herself and her dementia we lost her long ago, so death is only taking her physical being. It will still be hard to lose her, every now and then we could see her peek through and she would give us a smile or try to talk. I remember the last time I went to see her I was making faces at her to see if I could get her to smile. She stared at me for a long time and then she made a face back. She had spunk. I bet you more than anything she went out with her boots on and her sarcastic temper flaring.
I’m sad that I won’t be there to support my mom like I was with my dad when he lost his dad.

I’m a lot like my Grandma Fox. I have her personality and her looks. I was one of her favorites, probably because I got her humor. At first when you meet her you think that she’s grumpy and mean, but as you get to know her you realize that she’s SO sarcastic.

My Grandma Fox tried the best she could to be a loving mother, and considering how her childhood was she did quite a good job. It took my mom a little while to understand how her mom expressed love, but looking back on her childhood she saw that her mom really did love her, Grandma Fox just didn’t know how to express it. She raised four sarcastic and rebellious children and loved them with all her heart. The intentions of her heart were clear: Love God with all your heart, and your (children) as yourself.


4 thoughts on “Here’s the thing…

  1. holy cow! I have actually always thought you looked like your dad and Lori/Scott’s kids. Wow! The 2nd pic and the 5th pic you are the spitting image of your grandma!! I am so sorry that this should happen while you are unable to come home. Jay and Kay will take good care of your mom. Between school, work, and distance, it just didn’t work out for me and Jack making it but I have talked to your mom. So has Jack. :-). The goofball called her pretending he was Rory. Silly. :-). But I think it made her night. Well here is a huge hug from us to you over seas. *HHUUUUUGGGGGGGSSSSS* Love you Raye!!. (your mom and I decided that Grandma is still alive. She not alive here with us, but another place where she is healthy, young, beautiful, and full of life again.). ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    • haha! I’m so much like my Grandma! I make the same faces that she does! She’s such a goofball!
      I found some pictures of her when I was a Junior in High school and that’s when I realized that I look just like her.
      Casey looks just like mom when mom was younger.

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