Mzungu Athlete problems


My friend Elvis took me out to see the area a little bit. We finally got my phone working and then we sat down and had a delicious dinner together and talked for a really long time. I had a malindi chai latte and I had a hard time drinking it because the top of it just looked so pretty! We met up with some friends from school, but they weren’t ready to go back yet so we went on to hitch a ride on a bus back to the school. We also did a little shopping while we were out. Elvis was really sweet to me, even though we had a hard time understanding each other sometimes. Sometimes he didn’t pick up on my sarcasm. He was very happy that I agreed to hang out with him because it showed him that I was willing to try new things and that I didn’t see myself as high above the Africans.
I’m a little worried that he might like me. Last night he called me and asked me what I thought about him. There is another boy that I’m worried my like me too. It’s not that they both aren’t sweet and caring, it’s just I don’t want to get into a relationship right now. I’m really really really hoping that they are just being really hospitable to me. PLEASE let them just be really hospitable to me! I don’t want to go through that drama, and I don’t want to lose them as friends. Becca had this one boy that she was good friends with and he came out and told her that he liked her and when she said that she already had a boyfriend he got really upset and now he won’t talk to her.

A bus load of wzungu came in last night. I think it’s a work and witness team. I was sitting outside with my friends when the bus drove past. Most of the Africans laughed and said, “Oh look, more visitors.” It was strange watching them drive past us, all of them looking out the window at us like we were some kind of display. At that point I almost wanted to jeer like the rest of the Africans at the visitors. Who are you to come invade our land and pretend you know who we are. You don’t KNOW us.
They were in church, a big group of elderly wzungu, peering around at us. They wanted to give the kids candy after church. The children were really happy but the people almost got stampeded. Though, they did enjoy it and took pictures of each other giving the kids candy. I had to just roll my eyes. Americans.
I heard some stories from my friends about the kinds of questions that Americans ask them. How much more ignorant can we get? No, people don’t live in the trees. Yes, people have electronics here. No, they don’t have to fend off lions.
It’s kind of weird how I feel like I’m one of them. I’m sure there are a lot of people that still laugh and scoff at me because I think I can relate to them but I’m still just an American. Which is most likely very true. As much as I want to think that I can fit in with them, I never will.

My roommate wanted me to go watch the softball team play and I agreed to go along thinking that we wouldn’t be out very long. In a twist of events I went from being a spectator to a player. They were running low on people and so they asked me if I would play. I said sure, but that I hadn’t played properly for a few years. It was a little frustrating because they kept treating me like I didn’t know anything about the game even though I told them that I remembered most of the stuff, there were just a few rules that I wasn’t aware of. Some of the people on the sidelines would chuckle at me whenever something went (uh-rye)/wrong and I didn’t understand what people were shouting at me. Actually, I taught them something about the game and they taught me something about the game. I was pretty much the best player on the team. I could hit well, run fast, and catch well. I’m sorry girls but the team really stunk. They want me to play with them but I told them that I wanted to play football and practices were at the same time. So I have to choose between playing on a team where I’m the best player, or playing the sport that I love and possibly being the worst player. Frankie was telling me that I would be the best player on the football team as well because the girls stink in that game as well. Oh dear.

I have bites all over my legs. I don’t know what from or how I got them but they are all up and down my legs and they itch. I can’t tell if they’re spider bites, ant bites, or mosquito bites.

I think my friend Joan is mad at me but I don’t really care. She’s been ignoring me and giving me the cold shoulder. In one way I want to make amends and ask her what’s wrong but in another sense I don’t want to associate with someone that’s going to pretend like I’m not even there when she’s mad at me. I’m not going down that road again.