A weekend without Santa Clause

I lost my camera a couple of days ago. Most of my friends told me to forget about it because someone stole it. But what I have come to figure out already is that American’s are very determined, not like most Africans. An African would have shrugged and said, “Well, my camera’s gone. Oh well.” An American says, “My camera is gone! I WILL find it!” I did eventually find it a couple days later. Someone had picked it up gave it to a friend who gave it to a friend who gave it to a professor who then gave it to the Dunningtons and the Dunningtons gave it to me. All because I wouldn’t give up on trying to find my camera. Me and God and a little talk during those 3 days while my camera was lost. I asked God to help me find my camera and I reassured him that I give credit to where credit is due. He asked me if I would still believe in his power if my camera didn’t show up. At first I was hurt. I admitted to him that I’d be hurt and a little angry but I knew that eventually I’d get over it. I had a little sense of peace over the next couple of days and then my camera was brought back to me. God and I don’t always see eye to eye but I have to admit that God is faithful. I’ve figured that out. He may not give you what you want/need but he’ll be there for you any way.

One of my professors offered to take me home to meet his wife and 2 year old son next weekend. He’s really impressed with my knowledge of psychology.

I keep having these crazy weird dreams.

Well, the third week has come and gone and I haven’t experienced culture shock yet. Am I doing something wrong? Do I adapt really well? Maybe it will come next week?

I accidentally broke the handle on my window. I really didn’t mean to, but I guess that work out is making me strong! I’m waiting for my abs to come in but all I see is a paunch. Why is my abs sore if I don’t even have any yet?!?

Me and JoyDSC01482

I went over to Joy’s house for the weekend. It was really nice.
When we left the school we also traveled with Joy’s friend Steven. We rode on two busses into the middle of downtown Nairobi and then Steven had to split his own way to get home. Me and Joy got onto a Mtatu to the end of her rode then walked the rest of the way to her house.
Oh. My. Gosh. Best. Pizza. Ever!! We went to Pizza Inn and it was fantastic! I wanted a whole pizza to myself!
We went to one of Joy’s relative’s wedding thing. It wasn’t really a wedding, it was negotiations. We would gather, eat together, the groom and the bride’s family would leave and talk about the dowry and then they would come back (3 hours later) and we all celebrated. The groom’s side of the family would sit separately from the bride’s side of the family and then at the end we would all mingle.
Joy’s cousin came over to spend the night and she was fun to have over.
The power went out one of the nights and they have some glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs. That was the only light in the room so I picked one of them up and started playing with it, making it attack Joy’s cousin, and then Joy’s brother had to come in an ruin the game but turning on the emergency lights.
I found my favorite banana! I really don’t like bananas but at Joy’s house they had these small little bananas for breakfast. I thought I might as well take one and try it. There wasn’t much to eat anyway. I really liked them!! They’re called sweet bananas. If we don’t have those kinds of bananas at home I’m going to throw out my clothes here and pack my suitcase full of sweet bananas.

Africa can be very pretty but they aren’t very good at taking care of trash. Trash is usually strewn about the streets. There was one part of town where there was trash just piled up all along the side of the road for miles.


5 thoughts on “A weekend without Santa Clause

  1. Happy you got your camera back! God is sooooo good. We were wondering why we hadn’t seen anything from you for a few days. It’s good to see you write some again.
    Have you found the soccer (football) team yet? Maybe they need a coach. Hint, hint!
    Enjoy your warm weather. It has been snowing most of the last week and tonight we are getting freezing rain. It will be a mess tomorrow. I will take some pics in the morning and put them on facebook for you to share.
    Love you!

    • I’ve signed up for football and someone should be contacting me soon. In the mean time I’ve been taking aerobics to get into shape.
      I might also be joining the choir soon.

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