If that didn’t prove to people that I’m strange I don’t think anything will.

Yesterday I went to go find Roxanne to see if she could help me figure out where I’m supposed to go for the football field. I found her in bed, just having woken up from a nap. I asked her about football practice today and she just looked at me and said, “You’re really dedicated aren’t you? Most African girls are more excited about getting dressed up and looking nice than they are playing football.”
I finally figured out where I’m supposed to go for football but I don’t really want to go out there being as unfit as I am. But I’m just so excited!

I might be going into Rongai with Judy and Becca sometime this week to pick up a few things that I’m running low on.

I found a gecko today and I picked it up and all the girls squealed and ran away. Sowa. I’ve definitely been marked as a weirdo with that stunt.

I had a roach crawl out of my backpack while I was getting my notebook out. Eww!

In my Doctrine of Holiness class we talked about what we wanted to do after we graduated from the University. I told them a little bit about what I wanted to go on to do after graduation. I said that I wanted to get my license in counseling and be a pastoral counselor. Then have a counseling job on the side for abused women and single mothers, and to maybe work in Social work. After the class one of the other students came up to me and said, “Can you please stay here? We could use you so much! You have such a good idea!” She proceeded to tell me that she was a single mother and that she wants to pastor a church or create her own church somewhere in Africa. The lecturers assistant came over to my desk and picked up a book that I was rereading called, “The boy who was raised as a dog.” I described a little bit about what’s in it and she said she wanted to borrow it sometime. Psychology, here I come.

Did I tell you guys that I really like tea time? Cuz I really really do.



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