What’s a licky bug?

I went to aerobics today. Oh. My. Gosh. I think his soul purpose was the murder us all in one hour. It was so hard! I haven’t worked out in years. I’m going to be hurting in the morning.
Tomorrow Roxanne said that she’d take me to get a soccer ball and my jersey. Since we don’t have a couch for the girls team we’ll we practicing with the boys. I’m sure it could make us better but at the same time it will be really rough.

I got to Skype with my parents today. Oh what a relief!! It was really nice to hear from them finally. Dad didn’t want me to put this on Facebook. So I put it on my blog instead. He thought there was such a thing as a “Licky bug”, when in actuality I had said, “Lady Bug”. Love you daddy. These are for all of the years that you embarrassed me.Image

There really isn’t much to say today. It was a normal day basically. I’ll probably have to start posting every other day unless there was something really good to talk about on that day.

My assignment for the week is to find out if African’s have hairy legs. Rumor is going around that they don’t.


3 thoughts on “What’s a licky bug?

      • You will pay for this! : ) She was talking about the bugs there, and the connection wasn’t the best and I thought I heard her say Lickey bug. So I asked what that was and it went from there.

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