It means prostitute

Today in church there were all of these little kids trying to cram as many as they could into one seat. There were these two little girls that would keep sneaking glances at me. So I decided to make faces at them whenever they would glance at me. They would giggle and whirl back around in their seats. They were called out to go to their class and the two girls waved at me. At the same time there were these little kids that were sitting behind me and at one point I felt two little hands tug on my curls.

We were in line to get lunch and I wanted to tell the server that I just wanted a little bit of rice and the only word that was coming to mind was poco, which in Spanish means “little”. I turned to my friends and said, “What does poco mean?” They started laughing and were telling the other that they should tell me. Finally someone told me what it meant. Poco in Swahili means Prostitute.

Roxanne said that on Monday that she’d find me and help me find the football field and to get a jersey. I’m so excited!! I can’t wait!!

Joan was really surprised that I could sing.
I told Joan a little bit of my story this morning and she just looked at me with wide eyes and didn’t say anything for a long time. After a couple of minutes she finally said, “Sorry.” That’s all she could say for the longest of times.
Joan saw a picture of me when I graduated and she said, “You’re fat in that picture.” I’m hoping she didn’t mean that so brutally.

I’m thinking about making no-bake cookies for my friends here. They’ve never had them and I want to see if they’ll like them.
I want chocolate.

We were watching a football match against Manchester United and Tottenham. Apparently everyone was rooting for Manchester because when they made their first goal, which was a beautiful goal I might add, everyone was in uproar; cheering and shouting. I’ve never seen the TV room packed as tightly as it was when they watched the football game.


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