Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings. The world, for once, in perfect harmony with all it’s living things.

I’m not really sure what happened to my roommate. She was gone all night but all of her stuff is here. I was actually fine that she wasn’t here last night; I actually got some peaceful rest.

Breakfast is starting to become my favorite meal of the day because there is no rice associated with it. I’m getting quite tired of rice. Oh, and that’s the only time of the day that I can get my chai fix.

Last night I was telling my two friends, Joan and Dianna, about the night the power went off and I ran into a wooden box. They laughed so hard! Joan said, “Raye! I didn’t know that you could be this funny!”
I would make more jokes but I already have a hard time understanding other people and they have a hard time understanding me that I didn’t know if they would miss the humor I was trying to present. I’ve been testing the waters and trying some different things to see if they would get it. I also didn’t know if my jokes are more Americanized and that the humor would be lost because they don’t experience the same things. But I think that they are starting to pick up that I’m a joker.

I still haven’t figured out where I’m supposed to go to for football practice.

My friend Dianna was told yesterday by one of her guy friends that he’s in love with her. She seems to really like him too. Whenever she gets on the phone with him her voice changes to this timid, sweet voice and she gets all shy.
Frankie and Cyborg are ALWAYS together, I’m really serious that they are totally into each other but Frankie denies it.
I’m definitely not marrying an African. We were talking in one of our classes about what marriages are like here and they said that they are quite interested in the money and the dowry. They were also saying that in some households the women have to kneel down before their husband. Uh-uh. I’m not kneeling to anyone, I’m my own person and I’m not going to lower my status for some man. I’m sure that not all African’s are that way but I’m not taking my chances.

There are swarms of ants everywhere! I hate ants!!! They’re one of the two bugs that I’m terrified of. The other bug is the lady bug. Spiders I’m fine with, but ants and lady bugs I hate hate hate.

Maybe I should talk to my friends and make sure that they are fine with me talking about them. I could hand out little papers of discretion.

I miss having fruit. I haven’t been very hungry today and the one thing that I would like to eat would be fruit. They don’t serve fruit here so I’d have to go buy some but I don’t have a way to get to the market and I can’t go alone anyway and most of my friends have left for the weekend.

Today I got to hold the little baby, Angel, again. She’s so cute! She fell asleep in my arms and this guy came up and videotaped us. After he was done he patted me on the shoulder and said, “You’re going to make a great mother someday.”
Yesterday when I was waiting to see someone there was this little boy that was playing on the stairs. I smiled at him and he said something to me. I apologized to him and said that I could understand him. He gave a small smile and went back to playing.

I really haven’t made any friends that are Nazarenes; I’m really surprised at how many people here are not Nazarene.

I learned that here public schools are more prestigious than private schools. Public schools call you for how well you’ve done in school.Image


2 thoughts on “Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings. The world, for once, in perfect harmony with all it’s living things.

  1. That’s a beautiful picture. Where is it? Is it part of the campus? By the way, I kinda like the whole dowry thing. Maybe you should reconsider that marriage thing. Just sayin’. Ha ha. (Your daddy)

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