What would someone that’s not me do?

Last night I barely got any sleep and this morning I woke up with a headache. You want to know why? Because my roommate was watching “Gossip Girl” until 5am with the volume cranked up. Then she got up and washed her clothes in our room until 6. Which then she crawled back into bed and turned “Gossip Girl” back on.

I have no classes today and I was trying to decide if I just wanted to sleep my day away (especially since I didn’t get much sleep last night), but I decided against it. I have a few things to read for classes, I thought I might as well be a good student.

Last night Judy and I watched a movie together. We were cuddled up under some thick blankets eating cookies and drinking strawberry juice stuff. It was a lot of fun.

My tummy still isn’t feeling well. It’s like this mixture of hunger and nausea.

I’m not really craving it but I miss having cheese. And peanut butter. I’m starting to get a little tired of rice.

I’m pretty sure that most of the people here realize that I’m just weird and that I’m not acting like this because it’s a new stimulating environment. I found a salamander while I was walking back to the hostile. I really wanted to pick it up but I didn’t know if it had toxic skin glands or something. And then I thought: “What would someone that’s not me do?” So I walked on.

That cat that I took a picture of earlier in the week, he’s my baby. Whenever he sees me he comes trotting over to me and I sit there and pet him. Sometimes he nibbles on my knuckles but it doesn’t really hurt it just tickles. I love cats. I should name him something. Like Droid.

Some of my friends really want me to dress up in a dress soon. the only dress that I have here is a spaghetti strap and we’re not allowed to show our shoulders. My friend Dianna said that she’d go out shopping with me for girl clothes.


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