Sunday is calling!

Several people have told me that I need to come back to ANU and finish my schooling out here. I’m kind of tempted but I don’t know.

So there have been a couple of emails that I’ve received telling me that I shouldn’t venture out to places where there are big crowds alone. They are having elections for President here in Kenya and they’ve had several violent outbreaks. They have several different tribes here and two of the tribes have people running for president. Each tribe is worried that if their person isn’t picked that they will be neglected. It’s been like this each year that they have elections. On top of all the political violence there has been threat of terrorism.
The other American that is staying here went off of campus by herself and they had to escort her back to campus because they worried about her safety.

I was a little surprised at how many Catholics we have here on campus.

I might be tutoring my friend Frankie in math. I told him that I like math and he asked me if I could do algebraic equations and I said that was my favorite kind of math. We’ll see if I can help him. It’s been awhile since I’ve done math. My friends were trying to CLEP out of Math and they took an exam last week. They brought out their papers after the test and I borrowed them to play around with and figure out the math problems. I think I did well even though I really hate word problems.

The weather has been kind of crummy that past couple of days, but today the sun actually came out.

Yesterday I was walking to dinner when I heard my name called. It was getting dark so I couldn’t really see anything so I looked around and then I looked up at the sky. It was Sunday calling me! No, really. It was Sunday. He’s from South Sudan and he’s a really sweet guy. Bahahaha! I’m so funny!!


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