Key Swahili Vocabulary

Mtoto = baby
Mama = mother
Baba = father
Mimi = me
Wewe = you
Sisi = we
Maua = flower
Twende = lets go
Kwa heri = good bye
Karibu = welcome
Harabi yako = (Formal greeting) How are you?
asante = thank you
asante sana = thank you very much (I knew this one already because of the song that Rafiki sang in the lion King: “Asante sana squashed banana!” The people laugh at me when I tell them that.)
Sowa = okay
kiti = chair
keti = sit
viatu = shoes
Tembea = walk
wsay = people
sakata = dance
Sasa – hi
Mombo – hi
Poa – Good


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