Attack of the Slimy Slugs

It rained really hard last night. Back in the states when it rains a lot usually there are worms all over but here in Kenya they have snails and slugs. Big slugs. Big, fat, long slugs. All over. And it’s almost impossible not to step on one. It’s so gross! I found a couple of slugs crawling on the wall in the Hostile.
I also put some of my clothes that I washed out on the line to dry and now their soaked. That kind of backfired a little bit.

Last night I let my friend Judy and her roommate put make-up on me. It was alright looking. I’m just not a makeup kind of person.
Rosanne came into the room while there were doing it and said, “If you come to practice looking like that we’ll send you back.” Don’t worry Rosanne, this isn’t a normal routine for me.

I’m totally gaining weight! I almost couldn’t fit into my pants this morning!! I don’t know if I’m happy about that or angry. Nobody really likes gaining weight.

People are so friendly here.

It’s very beautiful here. They have a lot of bushes, trees, and flowers. You can’t even pluck one flower off the bushes or you’ll be fined. Iiee!

My tummy has been a little mad at me today. It keeps talking at me and I haven’t been feeling very good.

I’m one step closer to playing on the football team here!! I’m so excited!


4 thoughts on “Attack of the Slimy Slugs

  1. yes. l want pictures of everything. the landscape, friends, your room, the marketplace, food, everything and everything! let me live Africa through your eyes.

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