1-9-2013 (Wednesday)

I keep getting told that I keep changing my hair style and I look like a different person. Yesterday I had my hair pulled back into a ponytail and today it was down. I’m not sure how I would look like a different person like that. I’m the only white girl with curly red hair on campus at the moment.

I did laundry today, but they don’t have washing machines here so I had to wash my clothes by hand and hang them out on the line behind the “hostile” (That’s what they call dorms here).

Clothes line

DSC01400There is this one girl, Caryne, who has taken me under her wing. We can’t understand each other at time but she seems to really like me. She told me that she wants to teach me Key Swahili before I leave at the end of the trimester. She taught me that the word for “chair” is “kiti” (which sounds like “kitty”) so maybe that is why they call cats “puss-puss”.

Oh, hey! Positive thing! I was able to shut my window so I’m hoping that I won’t wake up to mosquitoes buzzing in my ear!

There are some people here that remind me of people back home. Joy reminds me of Abriaunna Rowley. Robert reminds me of Rob Leach. And Hezzie reminds me of someone but I can’t put my finger on it. I don’t know. There can only be one person like Hezzie. Ha Ha!

Hezzie and Mavin absolutely love Nick and whenever I see them they always talk about Nick to me. Hezzie and Mavin are hilarious and I can understand them for the most part. (They don’t have too thick of accents.)

We watched “3 Idiots” tonight. It was really funny!


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