1-8-2013 (Tuesday)

I woke up to as wasp flying around in my room. I would shut the windows so that bugs can’t get in but the windows are stuck. Maybe I’ll just make a tent to sleep under.

I keep finding new people to sit with and talk to but I’m still having a hard time understanding them. Most of them I probably wont see after this week because they’re not taking the same classes as I am.

They have cats at the dining hall that walk around to all of the students and beg for scraps, which I’m quite alright with because I get to have my kitty time. The people here call them “puss-puss” instead of “kitty-kitty”.DSC01391
The food is pretty good. They eat of lot of rice. And chicken. But mostly rice.

So, I’m confused. I was told that Kenyans think that flip-flops are bathroom shoes and aren’t to be worn outside but I’ve seen several people walking around outside in flip-flops.

I actually enjoy tea time. I got a little annoyed at our leaders today because they kept us from out tea time.


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