1-7-2013 (Registration day)

Today I moved onto campus. I almost gave up. Registration was so stressful! If I hadn’t have had Rod and Sarah Reed to help me I’m pretty sure I would have turned around and gotten on the next plane home. I kept trying to remind myself that as soon as registration was over with I would be fine, that after I got through this, things would settle down and start flowing into a routine.

I met this one girl named Joy to finally hang out with. Neither of us knew anyone at the campus so we relied on each other to keep us company.

I’m having a hard time understanding what the people are saying with their thick accents.  I almost feel like it would be easier to learn Key Swahili than to figure out their accents.

We got into a big group and did some group games. It was fun and I got to know a lot of people’s names. Pretty much everyone knows my name even though they say it’s hard to pronounce.

Last night around 8 pm I was walking back to the “dorm” with joy and she was shivering. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt and she had a jacket on and was hugging herself to keep warm. She was confused that I wasn’t freezing.

I don’t have a roommate yet so I’m all alone in my room for the whole week.


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