1-10-2013 (Thursday) – “Crazy Night”

I’ve noticed that instead of asking, “How is your morning?” they ask, “How did you wake up?”

So, the people here are mistaking me for Jennifer or Jennifer’s sister. Apparently she looks a lot like me and she ended up marrying someone from ANU.

The power keeps going off every now and then. I didn’t mind it too much when it was still daylight but it turned off when it was dark outside and I was still trying to walk down the hallway to my room. It was pitch black (There was no moon or anything!) and I couldn’t see a thing and I knocked my head into a wooden box and now I have a knot on the back of my head.

We had “Crazy Night” tonight and we dressed up in clothes that clashed. We played a bunch of different games and we danced a lot. They kept trying to get me to go up stage and dance with the others but I kept saying, “You don’t want me to dance! I dance like a white girl!”
Hezzie was the best one dressed by far. Oh, that boy. I wish I could just stick him in my pocket and take him home with me!

I’m having so much fun here and the people are great. Although, classes start in a couple of days so I don’t know if these little get-togethers will continue. I’ll probably get to go out with friends and stuff, but I don’t know if we’ll ever get into a big groups like tonight to dance and just be silly.

I’m hoping to join the soccer team here. They actually do call it soccer here, which also confuses me because some people call it football and sometimes they call it soccer. I’m not sure exactly where I would sign up for the team but I WILL figure it out. I’m not going to pass up my chance to play soccer!


3 thoughts on “1-10-2013 (Thursday) – “Crazy Night”

  1. Jack had a “crazy day” at school yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚ It was mis-match day. Bu I totally forgot!!! So since today was PJ day, he wore totally mismatched pjs. His Angry bird bottoms and the soccer top your mom made him. He got mud splashed on the bottoms (playing, of course, soccer) and was sooo upset!! It was the first time he had worn them (Xmas present) and he thought the mud would ruin them. I need to teach that boy the rules of laundry and stains…. the pants are black ๐Ÿ™‚

    So when are you going to post pics of the landscape and the dorms and campus???

  2. Keep writing as often as you can. It’s fun to hear what you are learning and to know you are being positive about the harder times that come. If you start getting bit by the mosquito’s a lot, make sure you take the malaria pills. That is such an annoying sound to try to sleep with. Probably tops a cricket in the cabin!

    We need to figure out when we can skype. Mom and I are have a bit of a hard time not being able to talk to you at all. We thought that maybe we could find a time to skype with the church too. Tonight was missions night, so we prayed for you there and asked everyone to keep you in their prayers.

    Miss you sweetheart. Talk to you soon, we hope!

    • Sorry. I haven’t had internet for the past few days. I finally get internet on my laptop but I’m not for sure if it’ll work all of the time.
      I really would love to skype with you guys soon! I miss you both!

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