You ALWAYS have Tea Time


Today is the “Why” stage. Today I’ve been asking a lot of “Why do they do this?” “Why do they say that?” Like that stage with a kid where they ALWAYS ask “why” to everything. Then they ask “why” to your answer.
I went to church today and it wasn’t as I expected it would be. I was envisioning the African American Churches back in the United States where the people are jumping around yelling, “Preach it brother!” Here they did get into a little dance during the worship songs but during the service they remained relatively quiet and attentive. I went out with Sarah Reed to help with the babies during the service, but we were close by that I could keep my eye on what was happening in the service. I got to hold this one baby named Angel. She was the cutest thing ever! I was going to take a picture but one of the little boys ran off with my camera and it took me a while to find it. I didn’t really get to interact with the other kids, they normally shied away from me, but they kept glancing over at me with wide eyes.

Tea TimeTea time gathering
After service got out we had tea time. You don’t mess with their tea time. They will have a FIT. You always have to have tea time. So we lingered around the church and had chai tea, that smelled kind of weird but tasted good. I talked with a few of the Africans but most of the time I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

I guess Greg is a common name over here. It seems like 1 out of 4 people are named Greg. That should be easy to remember names. All I have to do is say, “Are you Greg?” And I’ll get it right 25% of the time!

Kenyans are also scared of chameleons.

Oh, I forgot to mention about when the car broke down that we had quite a few Africans stop and say, “We can fix that!” Of course they couldn’t and one by one they would drift away and would be replaced by another African passing by. That’s how things usually work. Something breaks and the Africans are all over to help out, even if they don’t really know how to fix it they always claim they can.

I think that it’s a lot different when you go somewhere by yourself. I don’t doubt that you had an amazing time when you were in a big group together but when you go out on your own you aren’t surrounded by people that you can fall back to when the culture here doesn’t make sense. You have an ally, someone who knows your ways, that you can always turn to to find comfort when you go out into a new culture. I don’t really have anyone to turn to, the Reeds have lived here for 13 years so they’re more Kenyan than they are American. I remember when I went on Mission Immersion to Guatemala, it wasn’t as scary because I had other Americans that surrounded me. There is strength in numbers. If you have at least one other person with you, you don’t feel as small.

Nick Mills was here the last 2 trimesters and I hear praises about him from most everyone that I’ve met so far. Nick, you are praised over here. Everyone quotes how friendly you were.

I went to the store again today to pick up some items that I’d need for classes. It was quite overwhelming with everyone trying to get the school supplies. Dr. Rod Reed told me that I could borrow his daughter’s cell phone that she left behind when she headed to America, so I will be able to call/text the people here that I’ll get to know.
Tomorrow I go to ANU to get signed up and registered. Now that I’ve kind of settled into the routine here at the Reed’s home I’m going to have to get used to the routine at the college. They said that my roommate might not come until next week which might be a good and bad thing.
Here goes nothing.


10 thoughts on “You ALWAYS have Tea Time

  1. Thanks for your daily updates. Please keep the every day. So I know how your doing and what area you might need extra prayer in.(ps. I’m not going to pray for a Kenyan boyfriend .

  2. Its only been a few days and it sounds like you are just jumping in feet first and doing what needs to be done. Keep up the blogging! I love reading about all the culture differences. ❀

  3. I am definitely keeping you in my prayers Raye. I’m excited to see the progress of your semester! My advice, seek out every opportunity, and make the most of it. πŸ™‚

  4. well well looks like your having some fun allready i bet its a big o difference over there! hope u have a good time! i told you ya wouldent regret it! lol just remember drink bottled water lol

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