First “Day” in Kenya

Yesterday(s) was long. I spent almost a full two days flying. My butt hurt SO bad when I finally got off the plane. I wasn’t able to sleep while I was on the plane so by the time I got to Nairobi I was drained. I met the Reeds and we headed out to their car. Unfortunately my adventure for the day wasn’t over because the car decided to break down before we even left the parking lot.

I slept most of the day away today. I got up around 4, and if Sarah hadn’t of woken me up I probably would have slept the whole day and probably all night.
Sarah and I went out shopping today at the local mall. It was very crowded and even though I only really followed Sarah around the store I learned quite a bit. We met some people that knew Sarah and I learned what the typical greeting would be. They hug but not like the hugs we give in the States. You reach as to shake hands but then you lean in on both sides of the head like you were going to kiss the air. The word greeting that you use is Habari yako. Jambo can be used but it’s typically a tourist greeting because it’s easier to say.
The Reed’s have a dog that I absolutely love, and I found out that Kenyans are scared of dogs and sometimes cats.
The Kenyans love Barack Obama so I have to watch what I say about him.

Don’t wear flip-flops outside of your house. Flip-flops are normally seen as bathroom apparel. They’re like what we think towards slippers. If you do wear flip-flops outside it means you’re sick.
They don’t have a McDonald’s here. WHAT? I thought McDonald’s was EVERYWHERE.
They have a “Taco Bell” but Taco here means cheeks… So I’m not sure if I really want to go in there.

I’m not as nervous today, but I am a little timid as to how I’m supposed to act. Everything I do I look to the Reeds and ask, “Is that OK?” “Can I do this?” I sound and act like a little child, hiding behind the Reeds if we go anywhere so that I can watch what they do and how they act. I feel that when I finally get the hang of how I’m supposed to act in this culture I’ll be a little less timid and nervous.


3 thoughts on “First “Day” in Kenya

  1. Glad you are getting see a few things before you get started in school. What’s the weather like? Is it really hot or more like OK when you are there? Get some pics up if possible, we would like to see what you are seeing. Love you! Happy to hear you made it safe and sound. Any stories you want to share from the plane ride?

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